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Candra Niswanger

Candra has a unique ability to quickly discover gifts and talents within individuals and organizations, while mining the gold inside of them through innovative strategies and customized action plans. Candra is a multifaceted artist, singer, songwriter, anointed worship leader, business woman and highly regarded published author.

She is the Founder/CEO of the global online platform, Candra All4Him, and Founder/CEO of multiple for-profit companies. Candra has a broad reaching influence in both market place and ministry, where she draws wisdom from over 30 years of life experience. Her passion is to empower individuals and organizations to maximize their reach and potential with excellence!



"My mom's had was completely healed after Max prayed for it."

- Tiffany P.

"Hearing was completely restored at the Wisdom Conference"

- Kelsey

"My husband is listening and his back is feeling better / My back is feeling better and my knee is well!!"

- Olivia H.

"God helped me heal emotional hurts from un forgiveness. I feel free and at peace. I also have a healed knee from arthritis and a healed right calf from sharp pains. God healed my spirit by reminding me that the blood of Jesus has made me worthy. I am loved. I am cherished. I am healed. Praise God and this wonderful healing ministry!"

- Rhonda L.

"What an amazing conference with such a sovereign move of God! It's the first time I was overtaken by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and as I laid on the floor for almost an hour, God healed my heart and did a rewiring in me! I wish I had the words to describe this life changing event I have a new hunger and excitement for all God has in store for my life!"

- Maria B.

"Just wanted to thank my Father for heavenly favor with my health insurance company. For some reason they have waived my deductible for this year. Just one day of treatment is $4000.00. Such favor, I have only had to pay my $75.00 copay for the two visits that have been processed so far. I believe the rest of the days will be covered as well, but even if they aren't I am amazed and blessed by His kiss."

- Joy A.

"The Holy Spirit was teaching me things into my heart and it was overall mostly a biggest blessing and my heart over flows with smiles and completely at peace and comforted and consumed with contentment with more healing to my life here to."

- Lacey K.

"Max prayed for our back and bones. After his prayer my back wasn't aching anymore. Praise God 🙌🙌 Thank you Jesus!! It had been aching 6 weeks since my bladder surgery. Blessings to you and your prophetic team."

- Helen T.

"I asked my husband "What is that smell?" He looked at me strangely as I had not had my sense of smell for years. God healed me and I can smell again!"

- Nan T.

Book Candra to come preach, lead worship, speak, and provide powerful coaching to you and your team.

Candra's passion is to share the heart of the Father with "the one" God places in front of her! Her experience as a worship pastor, international speaker, published author, song writer, coach/mentor, and kingdom entrepreneur, will bring a dynamic transformation to your life.

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