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Pastor Candra Niswanger

Candra has a unique ability to quickly discover gifts and talents within individuals and organizations, while mining the gold inside of them through innovative strategies and customized action plans. Candra is a multifaceted artist, singer, songwriter, anointed worship leader, business woman and highly regarded published author.

She is the Founder/CEO of the global online platform, Candra All4Him, and Founder/CEO of multiple for-profit companies. Candra has a broad reaching influence in both market place and ministry, where she draws wisdom from over 30 years of life experience. Her passion is to empower individuals and organizations to maximize their reach and potential with excellence!

"The Women's conference with Annie was a weekend of renewal and restoration. I was turned upside down by God ...shaken out and refilled.. What an amazing experience. He revealed His love for me and it continues as the days and now weeks go by. One of the amazing things about God is that when you have a life changing experience with Him it isn't over when the building closes up and the lights go off. It continues...in the last few days I have realized that my sense of smell is retuning. Over 8 years ago i burned out the olfactory nerve lin my brain from using oven cleaner so often in the restaurant I was managing. Any way just a few days ago I smelled garlic for the first time in years and since then several other odors that I haven't been able to detect for years.......praise God." Nan T.

-Nan T.

For years my hubby and son never got along, always fighting, yelling and just down right hateful to each other. I have prayed for them and have asked for prayers for them.... just this past May when I started the Warriors 14 day challenge I had once again asked for prayer for them.... We or they are going on 2 months of getting along, no fights, no yelling, no hatefulness at all!!!!! They help each other, joke around, tell each other I love you, I appreciate you. This momma/wife now has peace, can relax, I'm not on edge or in defense mode. It is absolutely amazing to be in the same room with them and not stress or worry. ALL GLORY TO JESUS!!! In Gods time all will be amazing!!! "

- Channin V.

On March 18th of King’s Table, I was so fearful that I might not see my daughter for many years because she had left to Dubai to meet her young twin brother & sister. I believed that she was still in Portland with her older sister Erica, which I was shocked to find out was not the case. Candra prayed for her safe return. That same night I prayed for Faith in tongues then cried myself to sleep. March 23rd, Faith safely arrived home. 3 hours later our country started talks about shutting down all flights in America. The very next morning I awoke to news that more than 13,000 Americans are stuck in countries all over the world, unable to get home. I was most fearful of her being kidnapped by her father Ahmed in Dubai. Thank you Jesus & Heavenly Father. She is home safe! Thank you Pastor Candra!

- Kellie M.


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